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Larrys Defensive Driving School is the areas most experienced & oldest school serving Eastern Ontario for over 55 years!
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Welcome to Larrys Defensive Driving Schools (LDDS) website!
We are very proud of our school and are eager to provide easy access to our students, parents, and members of our community. This website is designed to help meet this goal. Please take a few minutes to explore this site. Remember the LDDS website is for you. more info

Our professional staff
are trained to be able to provide excellent instructions. Our driving instructors are knowledgeable and patient.

Peruse through our list of services which are designed to fit your needs and give us a call. more info

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Our assessment can be used in multiple ways: as a pre-employment screening tool, to make sure your current drivers are, and remain fit to drive over the years.register

Winter Driving
Our winter driving can be quite stressful, and sometimes deadly, when faced and confronted with driving in ice, snow and freezing rain. register

Beginner Driver Education E-Learning Component.
In this component of the Beginner Driver Education Program, will be answering questions that will allow to further understand all the elements of driving. sessions

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